Sisonke2 study

This is an open-label, single-arm phase 3B study to monitor the effectiveness of the single dose Ad26.COV2.S COVID-19 (Janssen) vaccine boost among Sisonke participants in South Africa

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Did you receive a Sisonke vaccination?
Health workers who participated in Sisonke will be offered a booster shot of Janssen® (J&J) vaccination from Wednesday, 10 November.

You CAN get a booster shot if:
You received a first dose of J&J through the Sisonke study. Even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You CANNOT get a booster shot if:
Your first dose of J&J was received outside the Sisonke study. You have already accessed a booster vaccination through other means.

How Sisonke2 will work
You will receive a SMS invitation to participate in Sisonke2. This will take you to a link for informed consent. Please take time to read this. Please complete it if you wish to take part. After completing the consent you will receive a new vaccination voucher number starting with the letters BD- (Booster Dose). Ask your manager or watch the press and social media for details of your closest vaccination site. Sites will be available in all sub-districts.

Please DO NOT re-register on EVDS.

Has your cell number changed?
Life happens. Here’s what to do to ensure you get your invite: Phone the National Coronavirus Call Center and ask an operator to update your cellphone number on your vaccination record. 0800 029 999

Get ready to be boosted!
Watch your cellphone for the SMS invite. Update the National Coronavirus Call Centre with a new cell number if needed. Keep an eye out for details of sites. Be part of Africa’s first large study of COVID-19 booster vaccines.


Contact us


Sisonke desk: 0800 014 956


Oversight ethics committee:
SAMRC Ethics Committee, P.O. Box 19070; Tygerberg, Cape Town


If you have questions about this study you should first discuss them with the Sisonke Desk, the related site team or the related Ethics Committee. If you have not been provided with answers to your satisfaction, you should write to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) who provides regulatory approval for the study at: South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, Department of Health, Private Bag X828; PRETORIA; 0001